We headed to Denver for the Whiskies of the World event and upon arrival became more concerned about the size of the event and uncertainy of the coronavirus outbreak.   At the last minute, the governor of Colorado banned gatherings of more than 250 people and we decided to skip it altogether and headed out to a favorite sushi restaraunt near buy.  Yes, I wore my kilt!    The next day we drove to Colorado Springs and spent the day and evening at The Broadmoor!   The Broadmoor was an amazing place that we hope to explore in more detail during better times.   The hallways are filled with pictures of all the famous people that have stayed there and it was extensive!   According to a report in The Gazette in 2001, President George W. Bush decided to quit drinking after waking up with a hangover in The Broadmoor one morning in the summer of 1986.   He wrote about the incident in his book A Charge to Keep. He said, “This run was different. I felt worse than usual. And about halfway through, I decided I would drink no more” and never drank again.It was a quick, but very enjoyable trip, despite all the last minute changes forced upon us with the virus outbreak.

We look forward to returning again during better times and hopefully will have an opportunity to spend an evening enjoying whiskey while wearing a kilt.

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