As of today, Since Friday, March 20th, I will have been furloughed for a total of 4 weekdays. When I add my already scheduled vacation days (we had to cancel our trip to Antigua last week), I will have a total of 13 days off. I also have the entire week off next week for a total of vacation and furlough days at 20. Needless to say, I’m starting to go a little stir crazy, especially since I have spent the entire time on virtual lockdown within my home. Luckily I have the country residence to enjoy, and that has been a real godsend. I do run out every three days or so for groceries and other basic needs, but it’s still not what I’m used to in my life. I have always been a busy person at work and at home, and this is certainly causing me to have some severe angst trying to figure out what to do with my spare time. Perhaps this is an indication of what retirement will be like for me. However, still even then, I will have the ability to get out and be a part of social gatherings. I feel bad because my partner is on the exact opposite end of the dilemma in that she is always at work at least 11 hours a day. She even spends her Saturday and Sunday mornings and early afternoons taking part in several virtual work meetings.

So with another 11 days of no work (including two weekends), I have decided to embrace the time and spend my days working on several projects around my home as well as my lodge.   The dogs and I are spending more time together with walks overlooking Lake Michigan and of course taking baths (they are, not me).   I also continue to enjoy practicing the piano and recently pulled out a bunch of ham radios I had stored in the basement. I already have two portable antennas up at the lodge, and last weekend enjoyed talking to several people throughout the United States and hearing many foreign operators as well. I suspect there are a lot of ham radio operators out there that are also finding a lot more time on their hands.

This weekend I’m hoping to get some time working on my Morse Code proficiency (one of my passions) and hopefully will be ready to participate in some contests in the weeks to come. Why not?

Willow and Zed taking in beautiful Lake Michigan

Willow looking beautiful as usual

One of their favorite things!  Bath time!

Two portable antennas outside the Lodge ready for action

The street sign outside at our country home

My choice of mask when out and about.  Thanks Luther College!