Our mission at The Lodge at Steinthal is to offer our guests unrivaled experiences at our wonderful destination.


Our team is dedicated to making your time with us the best you have ever experienced.

Natalie Ashburn


Enjoys being the boss of the household and living life to its fullest. Mother of three wonderful children, she never stops and has many times been equated to the Energizer Bunny.  Will do anything for popcorn!

Daniel Peterson

Vice President

Father of five great kids that are growing way to fast for his comfort level. Always wishing there was more time in his day to do everything that he loves. Apiculturist, aviator, boater, air streamer, amateur radio operator and physician. Really doesn’t love being a physician though….


Vice President Natural Resources

A master of all things having to do with the outdoors.  She’s the one sitting front and center…


Athletic Director

Loves biking, cross country running, organic chemistry and her cat, Auri.


Culinary Services

Enjoys chess, software engineering and music composition.  Plays piano for the university jazz band.  Loves to bike for one week out of the year, but it’s an impressive ride!


Music Director

An accomplished guitarist and especially impresses his father when he plays the “good stuff” like Pink Floyd!


Artistic Director

Has great artistic attributes, works with animals and actually enjoys chemistry.


Director of Social Affairs

Enjoys having two younger twin sisters, sort of….. OK… NOT AT ALL!  Likes to play basketball and wishes everything was made out of Legos.


Director of Stuffed Animals and Fashion

There is not a stuffed animal in this world that she wouldn’t take home. Loves to draw and bike in the mud!


Director of Paper Supplies & Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Striving to be a teacher someday so she can hoard as many books, papers, pens, pencils and erasers as she wants.  She really wishes she could eat chocolate chip pancakes for every meal.  Basketball is just one of her passions.


Director of Finance

Knows everything he needs to know about finance and Star Trek.  The most recent and possibly the most valued addition to our team!


Guard Dog

This is no longer a dream!  We actually have our own Great Dane!  We are in love with her!!