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Loves too many things including, country living, road biking, boating, beekeeping, camping, photography and my career in radiology (but not near as much as the others...)

Chili in Bulk

By | 2017-10-22T14:44:09+00:00 October 22nd, 2017|Family|

Just finished cooking 5.5 gallons of the best chili that can be made.   Ready for camping next week as well as all the [...]

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A Sad Day at The Marina

By | 2017-10-22T13:10:59+00:00 October 22nd, 2017|Family|

Headed out to the marina to clean up the last items left on the dock.  The boarding platform was disassembled and loaded into the [...]

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The Tom Cat Lounge

By | 2017-10-20T19:07:58+00:00 October 20th, 2017|Family|

Had a great night out last night with a first time visit to the Tom Cat Lounge located in St. Nazianz.  Only a four [...]

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Packers Beat the Cowboys!!!

By | 2017-10-09T13:16:51+00:00 October 9th, 2017|Family|

Had a great day yesterday enjoying the game with some local friends.  Prior to the game, Natalie brewed some beer in our friend's garage.  We [...]

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Michaela and Cody Get Married

By | 2017-10-07T07:52:44+00:00 October 2nd, 2017|Family|

I must admit that I am a little bit in shock and feeling old now that my oldest daughter is married.  The ceremony on Saturday [...]

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Firefly Lake

By | 2017-10-05T08:16:05+00:00 August 14th, 2017|Family|

  We recently returned from a week long camping trip to Firefly Lake, near Boulder Junction, WI.   Part of the Northern Highland - American Legion [...]

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RAGBRAI 2017 Overview

By | 2017-10-07T07:43:36+00:00 August 3rd, 2017|Family|

I am back to work now for several days after spending most of Sunday working on cleaning out the camper and getting the kids situated [...]

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By | 2017-10-07T07:43:36+00:00 July 29th, 2017|Family|

Route Map - Day 7 The entire route will be new RAGBRAI territory as will journey travels 44.8 miles with some nice climbs totaling [...]

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By | 2017-10-07T07:43:36+00:00 July 28th, 2017|Family|

Route Map - Day 6 The route travels 60.1 miles as we climb 2,483 feet.  RAGBRAIers will visit Decorah during the 51st annual [...]

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