I believe that everything happens for a reason.  People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so that you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things fall together.


This Marilyn Monroe quote provides a glimpse into the fast and furious life she led that was cut short far too soon.  I recently stumbled upon this quote hanging on a wall at a friend’s house and was immediately drawn to it.  It shows that she had a thing or two to say about life, love, and how to be happy, and she had a lot of credibility due to the life she led.

Our lives too seem crazy at times and I have often felt that events in my personal life have gone very wrong,  that I could never trust anyone.  However, after many years of processing past events, I believe that a life I thought to be a irreparably broken into many pieces has finally fallen back together bringing nothing but good with it.

You have stumbled onto our family blog here at  Originally created in 2006 as a means to communicate with extended family and friends just prior to a family trip to China, with the hope that the site be a modern-day journal of our family’s daily activities.

 This has been my personal refuge where I often return to reflect on our family’s past.  It is but a brief chronology of our many life experiences, thoughts, travels, joys and challenges.

Feel free to check it out.


Our most current updates

New Explorations and a Vet Visit Too!

Willow enjoying the "people bed" after spending her first night in the crate Day two with Willow went VERY well, if you don't count the two hours [...]

First Night a Success!

Willow was perfect last night in her crate. She slept through the night until 530 this morning, went outside and decided to hang out in the people bed for her [...]

Willow Is Home!

Natalie and Willow during the drive home. The Willow Page Willow finally came home today!   We woke up early this morning and prepared for the two hour [...]

Take Five Upgrades

Take Five is in the process of receiving a major electronics upgrade while in storage over the winter.   While I installed the electronics in her around 13 years ago [...]

Blue Harbor

Lee and family were in Sheboygan to enjoy the water park and we had a chance to briefly meet up.  Looking forward to more summer get togethers! [...]

Great Dane Puppies are Born!

We received news from Full House Danes that 9 puppies were born over the weekend!   Six male and three female.  Of the three females, only two were merle.  We [...]

Ponder by Thysbe

My son Luke's latest creation.   Check him out on Soundcloud as Thysbe.

Puppies will be here soon!

Received an email this morning from the breeder that they have a pregnant Dane and they are expecting ten puppies around February 20th.   We have first pick of a [...]

Emily’s puppy

The little puppy... Emily and David just sent us news that their puppy was born!  Here it is only one day old.  They will wait 8 [...]

A Birthday Ball Drilling!

As part of my birthday celebration, we headed on over to meet up with Steve who did a top notch job of drilling my new bowling ball.   He says [...]

An Awesome Birthday Present

Received this excellent birthday present yesterday.   It's a book made with care by Michele H outlining our summer Ragbrai adventure last year complete with many wonderful pictures, many [...]

A Winter Visit to Legend Lake

Spent the weekend on Legend Lake near Keshena, WI.  Ice fishing, card games, NFL playoff games and even a visit to the casino!  Thanks to Matt and Cyndi for [...]

The Elf on a Shelf Visits Steinthal

Drone arrived in style under the Christmas tree! We were very fortunate to see Drone this Christmas season!  He is our family's Elf that has begun the [...]

Merry Christmas

During this festive season of giving, let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. May this wonderful time of the year touch your heart in [...]

Emily is Home!

Daughter Emily arrived home this morning.  Picked her up at the Appleton airport located 45 minutes from home.  As you can see from the picture, I'm very happy [...]

Brown Bear

Had a great evening out with Lincoln and Natalie.  Great food at the Brown Baer in Elkhart Lake.