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September 2018

Goodbye Take Five

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There are many changes happening in my life and most are very positive.   With that being said, sadly, I am hanging up my captain’s hat and selling the boat.  Monday, September 17th of this year was a difficult day for me as it marked the last day that Take Five will be our summer home. After much thought and careful consideration and after 16 years of ownership, we have decided to sell her and start considering options for life moving forward. She’s currently being stored in Sturgeon Bay.

It’s hard for me to believe that she has been a part of our family for nearly a third of my life and some of my children never remember a time in their lives without her. We spent many wonderful summers cruising the Great Lakes and seeing the Midwest from a perspective that most never have the chance to experience and for that I am very grateful. This is a long slideshow (11 minutes), but it gives you a taste of the fun we had.  Thanks to all the friends and family that helped form all the great times we had.

Another fun video of us preparing Take Five for the Venetian Boat Parade in Sheboygan, WI.

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May 2018

Willow’s Leroy Cup!

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Willow’s First Leroy Cup!

The Harbor Centre Marina revealed a new delicacy in the form of an ice cream cone with a dog biscuit as a garnish and it has been a huge hit with many of the marina residents of the four-legged sort…    It’s named after an iconic Samoyed mix-breed named Leroy who has been a local resident at the marina for many years.   His boat is located a few down from ours and we see him every day as we walk back and forth to the mainland.  Willow adores him and even more so now that she can enjoy his namesake dessert!

This family LOVES ice cream!

The sign outside the marina advertising the Leroy cups

Leroy, the friendly Samoyed, guards the dock.

Willow walks by Leroy all the time and expects to see him every day!  He lives at the marina too!

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Willow’s First Marina Weekend (and her first day of school!)

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Spent the weekend in the miserable cold getting the boat ready for the season.  It was COLD!  WINDY! and COLD!!!  We had temps dip down in to the low 40s.   Willow had a great weekend and learned that being inside the boat is much nicer than being outside and there was no swimming in the pool for the adults.  She did well despite not having the boarding stairs up for the weekend.  We had to lift her up and down the side of the boat on the boarding ladder.  It worked fairly well since we have her in a very sturdy harness.  We can practically lift her up by the harness and lower her down to the the dock, despite her 27 pounds already at only 12 weeks of age.  Finally, today was her first day of “school”.  She is currently spending the day at doggy daycare and her parents were a little teary-eyed after they dropped her off.  Willow looked to be very happy to be there despite her parent’s concerns….

Willow’s first day at the marina!

Getting some work done at the galley table..

The long walk down the dock to the boat….

Willow meets some new human friends and gets to go on a cart ride!

After a rough night in the crate, she wakes us up at 4:30 AM to sleep in the “people bed” and gets very comfortable….  Too comfortable!

Her first day of “school”!

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March 2018

Take Five Upgrades

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Take Five is in the process of receiving a major electronics upgrade while in storage over the winter.   While I installed the electronics in her around 13 years ago with the latest and greatest of the time, I quickly stood back and watched as everything very quickly became outdated.  Now all panels will be touch screens and we will have much more vital information available to us as we cruise Lake Michigan this summer.   Looking forward to warm weather and calm water!

The “Take Five” vinyl on the transom is also due to be replaced.  I put that on when I originally purchased the boat 16 years ago.  One of the requirements of a Coast Guard documented vessel is that the hailing port be placed on the transom.  It’s been years since I’ve had this boat stationed in Sister Bay, WI. and time to finally have the correct port put on the boat.   Sheboygan is where she will be for a long time to come, I believe.  This picture is an old one I took from a jet ski and I don’t even remember where we were (someplace in Michigan, I believe).  As you can see, Michaela (now 26) has grown just a bit since then….

More about Take Five

An old picture of Take Five with sample vinyl name change.  The hailing port will be Sheboygan, WI.

The big kids thought that the other font looked too much like “Microsoft clipart” so I decided to try this option instead.

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November 2017

Weekend Winterizing

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Sunday was a big day at Steinthal as we spent the entire morning removing all the boats, paddle boards, kayaks and swim platform from the pond and also winterized the Airstream in preparation for the long cold winter.  Not one of my more favorite activities, but as you can see I had lots of help which kept me entertained the entire time!

Brynn and Cole paddling the swim platform up to the dock

Celebrating a job well done!!

Removing the platform ladder prior to haul out

Row boat being prepared for winter

Everything was hauled to the shed for storage and we took the time for a driving lesson as well

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October 2017

A Sad Day at The Marina

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Headed out to the marina to clean up the last items left on the dock.  The boarding platform was disassembled and loaded into the car for winter storage.  The end of the marina season is always a bittersweet moment for me as I know I will miss having the boat around to enjoy, but I also look forward to spending more time doing other things and not having to worry about maintaining everything on the boat.  At this point, I’m actually looking forward to fall and winter.  Call me crazy…

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July 2017


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Enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the lake and then headed to the south pier for ice cream.   Really couldn’t have been a better night!

Take Five Docked on the south pier while enjoying an ice cream cone at the South Pier Parlor.

The view from just outside the harbor

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Independence Day

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Loved the fireworks over the holiday despite being on call.  Take Five was packed with friends and family and we spent 3 nights on the south pier.

Waiting for the parade to start

Preparing to dock Take Five in the river for the holiday

Take Five’s flag on July 4th

Luke and Emily enjoying the show from the flybridge

Luke and his friends got us all interested in “The Nalgene Game”. I lost…..miserably

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May 2017

Evening Moonrise

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The evening moonrise overlooking Echo Lake a few nights ago.  There is still a lot of water that needs to recede, but we are getting close to starting our summer season at The Lodge.   The lawn will be mowed today or tomorrow and we are looking forward to our first guests in a week.


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August 2016

Great Weekend with “Old” Friends

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College friends, Lee and Mark, along with their wives and children came up to spend the weekend on Take Five over the weekend.  We grilled out, went swimming and spent most of Saturday anchored out off of Whistling Straits golf course for some lake swimming and relaxation.  Saturday evening we tied up to the wall on the Sheboygan River and spent the night.  A total of 14 people on the boat for the overnights made from some creative sleeping arrangements, but in the end all went well!

august weekend-3 august weekend-2

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