My passion hobby even though I don’t excel. Between this and my profession, I am an imager.

May 2017

Evening Moonrise

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The evening moonrise overlooking Echo Lake a few nights ago.  There is still a lot of water that needs to recede, but we are getting close to starting our summer season at The Lodge.   The lawn will be mowed today or tomorrow and we are looking forward to our first guests in a week.


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February 2017

January 2017

A Wintery Day

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While I took this picture over a year ago while traveling in northern Wisconsin, it fairly depicts the morning drive to work during abundant new snow that started about an hour before leaving home.    I really could use about two months less of the snowy weather, however days like this make living here worthwhile.

Recent snowfall at a farmstead in northern Wisconsin

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March 2016

June 2015

Information Overload

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Walked into my new office set up in the breast center to find not four, not five, not six, but seven monitors, four keyboards and three mice.   This isn’t including my laptop which is also usually set up by my side.  So eight monitors!  I know that computers are supposed to simplify our lives, but this is getting to be a little much!  Truly this is a gamers dream come true!   Stay focused, Dan!

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May 2015

April 2015

Pump Up the Shed!

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Early phase of the shed construction

Early phase of the shed construction

The Pole Shed is finally starting to take shape!  It will be great having a place to finally put some of the larger items!  My first real attempt at time-lapse photography was unfortunately thwarted by the holding tank pump out truck; an unpleasant, but necessary part of living in the country.  Every three years it comes to check the tanks, pump them out and report their findings back to the county.  It just happened that the pump out occurred at nearly the exact time as the shed “pump up!”  A special thanks to David Charles Construction and of course C&R Pumpers Inc.!




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June 2014

March 2014