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April 2017

Chainsaw Challenges

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Sunday’s challenge of the day (well actually one of many) was to eliminate some of the tree overgrowth in the backyard.  One task was to take care of a birch tree that had grown over the back patio of the house.   There were also a few tree limbs over the back yard immediately behind the lodge that needed to be trimmed back.  Using the chainsaw is serious to me and I really try my best to be very safety conscious.  I leave all the large tree cutting to the professionals and try to only cut up trees that have already fallen to the ground.   Today, however, I was faced with a relatively simple task and decided that I could do this myself.   It is interesting to note that I was on call last night (very sore from running the chainsaw the evening before) and had to look at a foot x-ray of an 85 year-old man.  The history on the study read:  85 y/o male using a chainsaw to cut down a tree and branch fell on foot.  Foot Pain.

In my mind, this x-ray does nothing more than justify my use of the chainsaw at the meager age of 50 and now I know that I have at least another 35 years to go before I need to consider hanging it up (the chainsaw that is).    Looking forward to a few more chainsaw challenges in the years to come!

The birch tree falls within inches of the Airstream, exactly as I planned. Really!

Nearly complete with the birch tree removal and not one piece of it ended up damaging any persons or personal property!

Afterwards, a Sunday evening celebration at the nearby Smiling Moose Saloon where a live band was playing amazing classic rock!  I smelled like gasoline and hadn’t yet showered after my chainsaw fun, but I was definitely the best dressed and probably the best smelling guy in the bar!  Heaven!

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November 2016

Tech Week

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Enjoyed an evening out with the radiology technologists

Celebrating Radiologic Technology Week. November 6-12, 2016



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July 2015

Bored and On Call – Take a Webcam Selfie!

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So what does a radiologist do when on weekend call by himself, dealing with nonstop cases all day long to the point he wants to throw his computer into the lake?  Very simple, find out where the marina’s webcam is pointing and take a selfie!

A marina webcam selfie

A marina webcam selfie

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June 2015

A Beautiful Call Weekend on the Lake

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Honestly, the reality couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It has been total fog, rain and nothing but dreary here this weekend.   I was able to get internet beamed directly to the boat and now have the fastest internet I have ever experienced for personal use.  Thanks to Excel-net, I had a radio installed and am getting 25MBs download speed, nearly twice the speed I can have while at work and nearly 10 times what I have at Steinthal (and at a tenth of the price).  So call from the boat has been nice, despite the bad weather.  During my limited down time from the computer, I have been tearing out all the vintage electronics and wires that go nowhere and were never removed during the many upgrades that have happened over the years.   So much of the original stuff on the boat is no longer relevant.  Several runs to the dumpster later and I feel that I am only slightly closer to where I need to be.


Just a small sampling of the junk that needed to be ripped out.


Once again, I can’t see my boat at the end of the dock.

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Information Overload

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Walked into my new office set up in the breast center to find not four, not five, not six, but seven monitors, four keyboards and three mice.   This isn’t including my laptop which is also usually set up by my side.  So eight monitors!  I know that computers are supposed to simplify our lives, but this is getting to be a little much!  Truly this is a gamers dream come true!   Stay focused, Dan!

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January 2015

December 2013

February 2013

Why Even Radiologists Can Miss A Gorilla Hiding In Plain Sight

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As I was driving to work this morning, I heard this very interesting news article from NPR by Alix Spiegel.   Since this my profession, I can easily understand how easy this would be to do.   We can sometimes be going through 1000s of images/per patient with the some of the more advance cross sectional imaging modalities.  PET and CT scans are commonly fused now and we are now looking at sections of the human body in all three planes.   Given the complexity and number of images it would be very easy to miss the gorilla hiding in plain sight.  Click the play button below to listen to the NPR piece.  I also included the original video regarding the gorilla.

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August 2012

Disco Funk Revolution coming to The Lodge

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While The Lodge has seen a polka band and a karaoke system for many celebratory functions, a true rock band has yet to perform!  That is about to change as we will be welcoming a 70’s retro Disco and Funk band to The Lodge in early December!   We simply can not wait for the Boogie Groove and Jive!  

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