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April 2018

New Explorations and a Vet Visit Too!

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Willow enjoying the “people bed” after spending her first night in the crate

Day two with Willow went VERY well, if you don’t count the two hours of howling in the middle of the night while in her crate.  Her first overnight with us was much better than the second.  Ultimately she survived without incident and was ecstatic to be out this morning and back in the “people bed.”    Yesterday she was able to explore more of the property and residence and even went for a stroll through the woods with Dan.  She loves the snow and really seems to have a fondness for dirt!

Spent much of her waking moments with the kids outside and has been a lot of fun to watch her experience so many things for the first time.  She is already ringing a bell to be let outside (which I personally find amazing) and has done very well with her potty training.

Today was her first vet visit for a check up and vaccinations.   She received her bordetella pertussis (kennel cough) vaccine as well as Lyme’s disease vaccine and the vet gave her all passing grades!  They loved her markings and she even decided to introduce herself to the residence vet cats who were completely disinterested with her…  As I write this, she is napping and I am feeling as though I could do the same…..

The outdoors is an amazing place!

She especially likes what little snow we still have on the ground!

Getting ready to go see the vet!

The board on the wall at the vet welcoming all the lucky patients of the day!

Awaiting the arrival of Dr. Anderson.

At home after the vet and discovering muddy paw prints for the first time.  She preferred licking them more than admiring them for their visual uniqueness..

More Photos

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February 2018

Great Dane Puppies are Born!

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We received news from Full House Danes that 9 puppies were born over the weekend!   Six male and three female.  Of the three females, only two were merle.  We will have first pick of one of the merle (grey with black spots) females.  

It has been years since I have had a dog in the house.  The last one was our cherished Mastiff named Chelsea.   She was a part of the family from start to finish.  I have always been a fan of the larger breeds and have had a long time dream of owning a Great Dane.  That dream is finally being realized.   Plus we need to have a place on our ABOUT US  page where the guard dog goes…

I find the color options and genetics of coat color fascinating and have spent a lot of time researching.   There are 6 colors recognized by the AKC (black, blue, fawn, brindle, harlequin and mantle).  While merle is not recognized by the AKC, these puppies can still be registered, just not shown in competition.  I’ll spare you the details, but suffice it to say, there are several colors that shouldn’t be bred due to the high chance of having puppies with blindness, deafness or both.  This puppy will be a pet only.  No shows at The Westminster Dog Show for us.

The puppies will be available for adoption during the end of April so we are now starting to plan the house and get all the necessary “big breed” supplies.  

Here are a few pictures provided by Full House Danes.  You can click on the link to see all the puppies that they have.  Go ahead and add one to your home!

Mohave, one of the two merle puppies.  This will become our Willow in the end..

McKinley, the other merle female.  We will have a difficult decision to make….

Mother, Eden, looking exhausted and proud

Full House Danes Website

UPDATE:  One week old!!!

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January 2018

Puppies will be here soon!

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Received an email this morning from the breeder that they have a pregnant Dane and they are expecting ten puppies around February 20th.   We have first pick of a Merle (grey with black spots) female!   We are getting excited about this as it has been a long time since we have had a dog at Steinthal.   My longtime dream of owning a Great Dane is coming true!  All photos provided by Full House Danes in Lake Mills, WI.

The small gestational sac indicating a puppy.  There are ten total!

Mom getting her ultrasound

Mom relaxing after her ultrasound.  She’s thrilled!

The proud father.  Ours will be a female in this color

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The Christmas and New Year’s Celebration at Steinthal

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We had the most enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s celebration with family coming from Minneapolis (MN), Racine (WI), Houston (TX), Clinton (TN), and Fairbury (IL).   Many nights, we found ourselves hosting up to 15 people.  We even had three dogs visit us this season!   This was the first time we have had the pleasure of hosting Natalie’s family and despite the frigid cold and wind and being cooped up most of the days, I am hopeful we didn’t have too many bored individuals.    We spent days lounging around the fire in the lodge; went bowling; visited Henning’s Cheese Factory; sang karaoke (some more than others… Chewy); watched movies; walked the icy pond; made snow angels; went sledding; ate out at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Kiel (OK…. the only one in Kiel); enjoyed pizza from our favorite pizza place in Kiel (OK… the only one in Kiel); played Euchre; played other card games that we can not mention; played Heads Up around the fire;  played video and board game games;

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The Elf on a Shelf Visits Steinthal

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Drone arrived in style under the Christmas tree!

We were very fortunate to see Drone this Christmas season!  He is our family’s Elf that has begun the tradition of visiting us during the Christmas season.  He  arrives every year on December 5th and leaves on December 24th.  During his stay in our home we typically find him around the house getting into some sort of mischief or fun.  Here are a few of the pictures we were able to take during his time with us.  Click the link below to be taken to his personal photo page.

More Elf Photos!
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December 2017

Merry Christmas

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During this festive season of giving, let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. May this wonderful time of the year touch your heart in a special way. Wishing you much happiness not just today, but throughout the New Year.

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Christmas Preparation at The Lodge

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Spent the afternoon getting the final decorations completed in The Lodge.  With family, friends and other guests spending their time here over the Christmas season, we wanted to take extra time making it beautiful.  We still have a few more items to add, but we are finally seeing an end to the decoration phase.  Finally…..

The kids adding final touches to one of three trees in the lodge.

Natalie working away putting up garland and mistletoe…. her personal favorite…

The main tree is nearly complete…

The view from the upper level..

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October 2017

An Evening Out with Peter Yealands

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Enjoyed another fantastic dinner out at Al Corso restaurant in the great town of Collins.   Peter was an excellent addition to the event and quite the conversationalist.  In fact, we had a second Peter Yealands that came home with us in a brown paper bag.  Put him in the trunk for safe keeping….

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July 2017

Heading to Iowa for RAGBRAI XLV

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RAGBRAI  (The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa), begins on Sunday morning and Luke, Noah and I are finishing up the last minute preparations with the Airstream and plan on heading out later today.

This year marks the 45th ride which always takes place during the last full week of July.

RAGBRAI started in 1973 as a six-day ride across the state by two Des Moines Register columnists who thought they were just inviting just a few friends along.  About 120 people made it across the state that year.  The next year, 2,000 showed up.  The number grew to 10,000 in 1985.    The Ragbrai is limited to 8,500 week-long riders and 1,500 day riders.  However, many non-sponsored riders will ride certain legs of the ride and in 1988, an estimated 23,000 riders had taken part in the leg of the ride from Boone to Des Moines.   The ride can get a little crazy and can be dangerous.  Every year on my previous rides a biker has been killed,  so I am very cautious while doing this.   The ride annually attracts participants from every state and many foreign countries.  Each year, the route changes and eight different communities serve as hosts.   Through the years, the route has averaged 67 miles a day with a total mileage for the week at 468 miles.  This year’s route is actually a short one at 411 miles and only 13,078 feet of climb.

The 2017 route will begin in Orange City and take us through Spencer, Algona, Clear Lake, Charles City, Cresco, Waukon and we end up in Lansing, IA on the Mississippi.

This years route is looking perfect for an old guy getting back in after a few years hiatus…

Today, Noah, Luke and I plan to boondock somewhere in Iowa and roll into Orange City on Friday morning.  The Expo begins on Saturday and the rest of our team will be rolling in Saturday afternoon. While I have done this several times in the past, I had to bow out for many years for reasons not worth explaining, but I am finally back and really looking forward to the time with my kids and friends once again.    I am meeting up with some of my Luther College friends (some riding with me and others hosting us at their homes in the overnight towns).  Noah plans to be the driver and will be in charge of hauling the team Airstream from town to town.  It will be an adventure for all!  On a personal note, this year’s route will take me right through Decorah, home of my beloved alma mater, my boyhood home town (Ossian, IA) and we will ride right past the cemetery where my mother is buried (Waukon, IA).  As such, I feel that my start up back into this was perfect timing in many ways.

Yesterday, in true RAGBRAI form, I decided to split up my late morning 30 mile training ride with a stop at Cheers in Chilton, WI.

A midway stop at Chilton’s Cheers. Where everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came…

My old, but good, Trek Dimension One bike with a trailer holding my homemade solar-powered Bluetooth boom box and charging station.

The Airstream this morning is packed and ready for travel

We will be heading out in a few hours and will try to journal some of our trip along the way.  It’s always difficult to do with limited internet access along the way (a problem that I personally enjoy having).    If we can’t give daily updates, I will have a bunch of fun pictures (at least in my mind) to share when I return on Saturday, July 29th.

RIDE ON!!!!!



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