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January 2018

Puppies will be here soon!

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Received an email this morning from the breeder that they have a pregnant Dane and they are expecting ten puppies around February 20th.   We have first pick of a Merle (grey with black spots) female!   We are getting excited about this as it has been a long time since we have had a dog at Steinthal.   My longtime dream of owning a Great Dane is coming true!  All photos provided by Full House Danes in Lake Mills, WI.

The small gestational sac indicating a puppy.  There are ten total!

Mom getting her ultrasound

Mom relaxing after her ultrasound.  She’s thrilled!

The proud father.  Ours will be a female in this color

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The Christmas and New Year’s Celebration at Steinthal

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We had the most enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s celebration with family coming from Minneapolis (MN), Racine (WI), Houston (TX), Clinton (TN), and Fairbury (IL).   Many nights, we found ourselves hosting up to 15 people.  We even had three dogs visit us this season!   This was the first time we have had the pleasure of hosting Natalie’s family and despite the frigid cold and wind and being cooped up most of the days, I am hopeful we didn’t have too many bored individuals.    We spent days lounging around the fire in the lodge; went bowling; visited Henning’s Cheese Factory; sang karaoke (some more than others… Chewy); watched movies; walked the icy pond; made snow angels; went sledding; ate out at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Kiel (OK…. the only one in Kiel); enjoyed pizza from our favorite pizza place in Kiel (OK… the only one in Kiel); played Euchre; played other card games that we can not mention; played Heads Up around the fire;  played video and board game games;

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December 2017

Merry Christmas

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During this festive season of giving, let us take time to slow down and enjoy the simple things. May this wonderful time of the year touch your heart in a special way. Wishing you much happiness not just today, but throughout the New Year.

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Christmas Preparation at The Lodge

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Spent the afternoon getting the final decorations completed in The Lodge.  With family, friends and other guests spending their time here over the Christmas season, we wanted to take extra time making it beautiful.  We still have a few more items to add, but we are finally seeing an end to the decoration phase.  Finally…..

The kids adding final touches to one of three trees in the lodge.

Natalie working away putting up garland and mistletoe…. her personal favorite…

The main tree is nearly complete…

The view from the upper level..

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July 2017

Steinthal Sunrise

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The Early Morning Sunrise at Steinthal

After an action packed weekend on Take Five, it was great to get back home and enjoy the solitude of the country.  This week I begin preparations for our trip to northwest Iowa and the RAGBRAI.    Luke and Noah as well as some friends from college will be joining me.    We plan to pull the Airstream out of the drive on Thursday morning and will take our time traveling to Orange City, IA.  The first leg of the ride begins on Sunday, July 23.  A 62.6 mile ride to Spencer, IA. where we will be hosted by some long time college friends in front of their home.

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May 2017

Evening Moonrise

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The evening moonrise overlooking Echo Lake a few nights ago.  There is still a lot of water that needs to recede, but we are getting close to starting our summer season at The Lodge.   The lawn will be mowed today or tomorrow and we are looking forward to our first guests in a week.


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April 2017

Chainsaw Challenges

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Sunday’s challenge of the day (well actually one of many) was to eliminate some of the tree overgrowth in the backyard.  One task was to take care of a birch tree that had grown over the back patio of the house.   There were also a few tree limbs over the back yard immediately behind the lodge that needed to be trimmed back.  Using the chainsaw is serious to me and I really try my best to be very safety conscious.  I leave all the large tree cutting to the professionals and try to only cut up trees that have already fallen to the ground.   Today, however, I was faced with a relatively simple task and decided that I could do this myself.   It is interesting to note that I was on call last night (very sore from running the chainsaw the evening before) and had to look at a foot x-ray of an 85 year-old man.  The history on the study read:  85 y/o male using a chainsaw to cut down a tree and branch fell on foot.  Foot Pain.

In my mind, this x-ray does nothing more than justify my use of the chainsaw at the meager age of 50 and now I know that I have at least another 35 years to go before I need to consider hanging it up (the chainsaw that is).    Looking forward to a few more chainsaw challenges in the years to come!

The birch tree falls within inches of the Airstream, exactly as I planned. Really!

Nearly complete with the birch tree removal and not one piece of it ended up damaging any persons or personal property!

Afterwards, a Sunday evening celebration at the nearby Smiling Moose Saloon where a live band was playing amazing classic rock!  I smelled like gasoline and hadn’t yet showered after my chainsaw fun, but I was definitely the best dressed and probably the best smelling guy in the bar!  Heaven!

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February 2017

January 2017

A Wintery Day

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While I took this picture over a year ago while traveling in northern Wisconsin, it fairly depicts the morning drive to work during abundant new snow that started about an hour before leaving home.    I really could use about two months less of the snowy weather, however days like this make living here worthwhile.

Recent snowfall at a farmstead in northern Wisconsin

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Getting Close to 100,000 kWh !

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After 3 years, the solar panels are going strong and making nearly all electricity utilized at The Lodge and residence!   Return on investment is about 10 more years.  After that all electricity generated will be free.  NICE!!


Screen Capture from Today’s Monitoring Service


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