NJ0Y – Kiel, Wisconsin

Another one of my too many hobbies, but I love it!

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My current station:

  • Kenwood TS-590S HF Transceiver with an Alpha Delta DX-CC multiband dipole on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters.
  • Yaesu 857D
  • Microham microKEYER II and a
  • Kenwood V71 dual band 2 meter/70 cm FM radio in my camping Go Box
  • Kenwood TM-D710A Dual band VHF FM transceiver.
  • Bridgecom BCR-50V 2-meter FM repeater up and running on an off grid solar array and a 100 foot Rohn-25 tower at the top of the hill.  My repeater is assigned to 145.450 –    (146.2 Access) and is coordinated by Wisconsin Association of Repeaters.
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